By Jo Smith
Kinesiology and Reiki Practitioner & Instructor
Jo Pic 2Is Your Sacral Chakra Balanced – Do you allow your creative juices to flow and enjoy life?
Welcome as we continue our self-discovery of our energy centres also known as our main chakra system.  Last time we explored the Base Chakra and we looked some of the traits that are linked to the Base Chakra; hoarding, feeling grounded, fear, sense of belonging, I am…
As we continue to our second Chakra, our Sacral Chakra, we are going to explore some of the key behaviours and physiology that’s linked to it.
Our Sacral Chakra is located in the pelvic mid-line region (a few inches below the navel).  It is the centre of our feelings, our pleasure and our creativity.  It is associated with our reproductive organs and movement.
There are many ways to express ourselves in life and this chakra is linked to our ability to be able to successfully achieve this self-expression.
A balanced Sacral Chakra is being able to enjoy life, the ability to appropriately express your sensual emotions, creativity, self-expression and sexuality.  When a Chakra is balanced the behaviours and the physiology of that Chakra is in harmony and therefore our systems are harmonized and this creates a natural balanced flow.
When there are no blockages and the energy is flowing in a balanced state the Sacral Chakra allows the individual to be expressive in their creative abilities, have a sense of wellness and the ability to experience pleasure, joy, and graceful movement and be more adaptable to change.
A blocked or imbalanced Sacral Chakra may include feelings of being overly emotional or feeling numb, issues with boundaries, unable to allow pleasure, blocked imagination and creativity.  It can also reflect the inability to finish projects you may have started or you want to start but just can’t manage to get it going.  It is also commonly linked to writer’s block, the inability to express your-self in a creative, open and appropriate way.
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The Qualities of the Sacral Chakra;

  • The Colour is Orange
  • Element is Water
  • Often this Chakra is referred to as the Seat of Emotions
  • Key items – Creativity, Feelings, Reproduction, Movement. Being able to experience fun and enjoy life.

Take a moment to reflect on some of Sacral Chakra qualities

  • Do you allow yourself fun and pleasure?
  • Are you creative and if so do you action your creativity?
  • Are you comfortable with your sexuality?
  • Do you enjoy life?
  • Is your libido balanced?
  • Do you have projects unfinished?
  • Are you able to come up with ideas and implement them?
  • Are you too controlling?
  • Is your reproductive system balanced?

Here are some activities to help support your Sacral Chakra that you can do at home;
Respect your body and others whilst being open to enjoying life and see the good in the world. If you are naturally drawn to colour, then select something orange to wear or an orange coloured gem or crystal.  Visualize the colour orange over your Sacral Chakra with harmony and balance in mind.
If you would like further support to help balance and heal then Kinesiology and Reiki can aid in the repair or balancing of the chakra to be healthy and balanced.
I look forward to working with you as we journey through your energy centres and help to bring balance and harmony back to your being.
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