by Katina Gleeson (Focus Hypnotherapy)

There are six classical phenomena of trance. These are time distortion, anaesthesia, catalepsy, age regression, hallucination and amnesia.  We do not need to be in a trance to experience of these phenomena.  They are naturally occurring and can happen spontaneously during the course of our day.
As a clinical hypnotherapist, I understand that the occurrence of any one of these phenomena during a hypnosis session is a confirmation of the trance.
In this article I want us to think about the experience of amnesia. Many people I work with report not remembering what I said during the trance, or their trance experience in general.
So back to my question:  I suspect many of us would consider amnesia to be unhelpful at best.  Yet hasn’t amnesia served you well?
From the time you developed confidence in your ability to walk you developed amnesia for crawling.  And think about all the confusions you used to have, such as when you were learning to read and seeing letters and words as meaningless squiggles on a page, learning to tie shoelaces and to drive.  How useful it has been to you to have amnesia for your old muddled understandings.
A benefit of trance that many people experience is a post-hypnotic amnesia for old habits that supports new thought processes and behaviours to emerge.
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