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There can be a myriad of reasons why a woman experiences fertility issues, some of which are often overlooked. Factors can range from the age of the parents, health status, diet and lifestyle, nutritional deficiencies, (un)diagnosed conditions, family history, genetic polymorphisms, sleep quality and of course the health of the sperm! Fertility and a healthy successful pregnancy can be affected by a number of these factors, not to mention the alchemic nature of the sperm bonding with the egg and creating a new life.
As a natural health practitioner, I focus on finding possible causes of fertility issues by asking lots of questions, reading the body and investigating further with blood testing if deemed necessary. (For example – simple tests such as iron storage, thyroid function and autoimmune issues will impact on fertility greatly, as well as lesser known tests such as MTHFR – a test that detects a lack of an important enzyme essential for folate usage in the body).
A typical consult will utilise a number of tools such as analysis of the diet, as well as the iris, nails and tongue, to look for common signs and symptoms. Medical and family history is important to discuss, including any previously diagnosed conditions or procedures, and medication usage. The use of chemicals in toiletries, cleaning and household products which may negatively influence hormonal behaviours, as well as particular foods that can impact both negatively and positively on particular health conditions, so making changes will be brought into the treatment plan to suit the individual.
In the case of hormonal imbalances, the use of herbal medicine is very effective, to promote healthy ratios of estrogen and progesterone, promote ovulation and improve circulation/basal body temperature, blood circulation and overall metabolism. As stress is often a huge causative factor in fertility, herbs, foods and nutrients are gentle and restorative, reducing cortisol release, supporting sleep (vital for good hormone balance!) and improving overall energy levels.
Of course, not forgetting the role of the male in fertility, a range of nutrients, herbs and dietary interventions will promote antioxidant activity and overall sperm health. Referrals are also available for sperm analysis, and specific nutrients for supporting different aspects of the sperm health can be advised once results are received.
Fertility support is suitable for women and their partners who are planning to become pregnant, having difficulty becoming pregnant, have a history of miscarriages, or are undergoing assisted reproduction of any kind.
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