natural-makeup-smallNatural, organic products are certainly changing the way we eat. More and more we are opting for fresh and whole foods, and alternatives to refined sugar and highly processed foods.
But as we learn more about how to live the most optimal life we can, it becomes more and more apparent that healthfulness isn’t just about what we ingest – it’s also about what products we use on our bodies.
It has been revealed in the last decade that makeup and other beauty products contain potentially harmful ingredients such as dyes, fragrance, oils that our bodies were not meant to take in… but when you use an unnatural product on your skin, you are allowing your body to do just that.
Natural, organic makeup is a great alternative. When you use natural and organic products on your body, you’re not absorbing anything that has toxins in it, and you’re not adding bacteria or dirt or fungus to your face that can otherwise be found in traditional makeup products. It’s similar to when we drink reconstituted orange juice found at the supermarket instead of fresh juice – ingesting over-processed fruit and veggies that have travelled far and wide, and require a plethora of preservatives to conserve shelf life, see you filling your body with something volatile, instead of with the vitamins and other beneficial properties of a fresh, organic juice.
The same philosophy can be applied to your makeup and beauty routine. When you use traditional makeup products, you’re clogging up your skin with chemicals and hard poisons that the human body shouldn’t actually absorb. Whatever you’re putting on your skin is going into your bloodstream. The skin is the largest organ in your body, so when it absorbs these products, you can be sure it’s going to make an impact on your overall health, as if you were eating it.
We’re all guilty of using these products – full of materials unfit for consumption and therefore unfit for application to our skin, as well as products tested on animals and products that irritate sensitive skin and aggravate skin conditions, are harmful to the environment and can even cause cancer with excessive use.
The good news is, there are so many alternatives – from nail polish to lipstick – that we can choose from to decrease the harm to our bodies.
Natural beauty products are better for us. They’re going back to basics, back to before the existence of MAC and L’Oreal and back before mass producing, financially driven makeup companies thought to put industrial chemicals, pesticides and carcinogens into our products to make a quick buck.