A morning boost of Martin & Pleasance Vital Greens is known to detoxify, energise and sharpen mental acuity. But the 76 ingredients have been known to bring about a few more health benefits that you might not expect.
Quite apart from supplementing a nutrient-poor diet, Vital Greens, which is available in our online store, can help to reduce stress levels, restore the body after a big night out, ease premenstrual tension and improve poor digestion, among many other benefits. Read below to find out how Vital Greens could help revitalise, restore and nourish your body.

  • Reduces stress levels

Stress is one of the most common health problems among Australians. In 2013, more than one in five working Australians reported moderate to severe levels of stress. Despite this, very little acknowledgment is given to the link between diet and stress. A diet which fails to nourish the brain, the nervous system and the body will lead to increased levels of stress, not to mention the lethargic effects of stodgy, carbohydrate-rich foods that come with a poor diet.
Simply introducing more omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids and plenty of B and C vitamins into the diet can have transformational effects on stress levels. The nourishing B and C vitamins in which are depleted during times of physical and emotional stress are easily restored with just a teaspoon per day of Vital Greens.

  • Restores the body after a big night out

After a hard weekend of partying, your intestinal tract, liver, pancreas and kidneys can feel the negative effects of alcohol. On top of this, your diet is often compromised while drinking: you are likely to crave greasy foods low in nutritional value, which are not absorbed well by your slowed metabolism. Another large part of the hangover is the feeling of dehydration and a lack of B vitamins.
Vital Greens restores the depleted stores of B vitamins, along with 76 other nutrients and natural ingredients which are easily absorbed and metabolised to deliver nutrients to the cells quickly. This means that after a weekend spent partying, you can bring life back to your organs and kick the hangover quick!

  • Improves digestion and promotes bowel movement

Poor digestion can lead to many health problems (irritable bowel syndrome, deficiency and constipation, to name a few). Because supplements are easily absorbed, they are a great way to supply the body with the nutrients it needs (which might normally pass through the digestive system unabsorbed in someone who has digestive problems). Additionally, for sufferers of constipation, Vital Greens can soften the stool and stimulate bowel movement.

  • Eases premenstrual tension

The 13.5 mg of B vitamins in Vital Greens, along with an array of blood-cleansing, calming and antioxidant minerals and vitamins helps to ease symptoms of premenstrual tension. Vitamin B6 has diuretic properties that help to reduce and prevent bloating, while iron-rich red beet powder restores lost iron.
Like any supplement, buying Vital Greens online will not miraculously cure illness, and it should not replace a balanced diet. Having said that, neither is it as singular as other supplements; the health benefits are wide-ranging and can help improve the symptoms of the above conditions as well as revitalising, detoxifying, energising and sharpening mental acuity. Buy Vital Greens online at Vive Health online store to start experiencing these and other surprising health benefits of Vital Greens today.