The skin is our largest organ and first line of defence to the outside world. So it’s important to consider not only what you are putting into your body, but also what you are putting onto your body. Your skin is there to protect the body from harm and regulate certain internal systems. Certain chemicals that come in contact will be absorbed and may pose health risks to individuals, especially if this is recurring daily.

Traditional cosmetics often contain parabens, preservatives and other synthetic chemicals that can disrupt the normal function of hormones and cause disease. While there are laws to protect the public about certain dangerous chemicals, there’s still a lot out there that haven’t been researched, so it’s hard to know what the long term effect may be. While an obvious solution may be to avoid cosmetics altogether, this isn’t realistic for a lot of people. Enter natural alternatives.

Natural Organic Makeup

Organic, natural cosmetics don’t contain added synthetic fragrances or toxins, making them a great makeup choice for people with sensitive skin. These additives can cause irritation or blemishes on the skin (not to mention allergic reactions), so those with even the most slightly reactive skin should consider switching to more natural alternatives. Bear in mind that natural doesn’t necessarily equal organic and vice versa. It’s worth checking with individual brands to guarantee their products contain natural materials, and are without synthetic additives.

Peace of Mind

The number one best thing about investing in natural makeup products is that you aren’t exposing your body to harmful chemicals. The second best thing is that you are likely to be supporting an ethical company. These ethically driven companies commonly operate transparently, don’t test on animals and aim to do right by their customers and the environment. Take Scout Cosmetics as an example. Their products are Australian made, they support charities and don’t test on animals. This gives you peace of mind that you are doing right for your body and supporting an ethical company.

A Clean Christmas Gift Idea

If you are considering makeup as a gift for family or friends for you can’t go wrong with natural, organic cosmetics. You can rest assured these won’t irritate their skin, and will keep them glowing all year round.

Vive Health only stocks makeup products that are formulated with natural organic minerals and nourishing ingredients. If you are looking to start your collection of natural cosmetics or need some gift ideas for family and friends, Vive Health has the whole Scout Cosmetics range at 20% Off for December.


Scout Cosmetics Mineral Lipstick

Scout Cosmetics Mineral Lipstick

Scout Cosmetics Nail Lacquer

Scout Cosmetics Nail Lacquer

Scout Cosmetics mineral illuminiser

Scout Cosmetics Mineral Illuminiser

Scout Cosmetics Mineral Bronzing Lotion

Scout Cosmetics Bronzing Lotion