By Ensha.
We live in a world that values activity, being extra busy and achievement, interestingly more and more people still have a fundamental need for -time out, contemplation space and stillness.
While meditation assists with the modern day dis – eases of stress, depression and anxiety, it can also provide much more. Several of the benefits of meditation are listed below, though ultimately it filters through all areas of your life, increasing balance, stability, creativity and so much more.
Reduce stress – Increase overall health and harmony.
Stress frequently comes from worry about the past and what you should of and could have done and concern or overwhelm of the future and what it may deliver, Stress is its own treadmill of energy drain. The more depleted you become the less likely you are to be able to change the pace on the treadmill. Therefore becoming stuck in the cycle which feeds the stress and stress in a hungry master, wanting to be constantly fed your energy and keeping you under pressure to do so.
Meditation is time for you, without feeling the pull to be available to others. Meditation strengthens your immune system, increases your energy levels, leaves you feeling stronger on the inside and more resourceful.
Change in perspective – Seeing solutions rather than problems.
It has long been said that we won’ t find solutions with the level of thinking that created the problem in the first place; it is of course difficult to find solutions when we are all frantic and fearful, Meditation encourages relaxation and being in the present moment, both of which are essential in order for a solution to present itself.
Calmer emotions – more focused on what you need to do.
Sometimes stuff just happens, meditation allows you to be able to stand back and see this from a distance, observing it but not being involved in it. It is from this place that you can do what needs to be done, without the energy drain to you. Situations then tend to move on more quickly. So you are not left storing and growing that old emotion.
Less mind chatter – Increased intuition.
Oh the mind, it seems to have its own agenda, at times disruptive and demanding. Meditation provides some respite from the negative or limiting thoughts. Practicing meditation creates new pathways in you mind, developing more peaceful and unlimited thinking.
A calmer mind, allows us to be still enough long enough to listen, intuition increases therefore providing insights into your daily life.
Connect with encouraging and inspiring people.
One of the things I hear people say they are looking for – is to connect with others who are thinking and living life in a more uplifting way. Participating in group meditation is a good way to develop new friendships with encouraging, inspiring people.
The benefits of meditating create a tangible difference in your life. Like anything you need to be consistent, meditating once, is similar to running around the block once, and wondering why you’re not instantly fit. By making meditation a part of your life you will reap the rewards it brings.
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