There are many different products on the market for inflammation, injuries and bruising. Not so well known in Australia is the natural anti-inflammatory Traumeel. Naturopath Alex Beck-Brandl discusses the clinical aspects below:
The natural anti-inflammatory
Inflammation – a highly complex process – is the body’s response to soft tissue injuries (muscles, tendons, ligaments, or joints). Such injuries can be caused by an acute trauma (sprained ankle), or chronic strain (lower back pain, tennis elbow, tendonitis, etc.). Inflammation is part of the natural healing process and necessary to restore normal tissue function. It is orchestrated and controlled by our immune system. Usually there is pain, swelling, and often bruising (bleeding into tissue). Excessive inflammation and extreme swelling can slow the healing process and cause considerable pain and loss of function/movement.
Ordinary pharmaceutical anti-inflammatories like diclofenac (i.e. Voltaren) can block inflammation and reduce pain, but have significant side effects (i.e. erosion of the stomach wall), even when taken as a gel. Traumeel is free from side effects and modulates inflammation to a healthy level, getting you back on track faster.
How does it work?
Inflammation is modulated by tissue messenger substances (cytokines) which either increase or reduce inflammation. An imbalance of these cytokines can lead to excessive inflammation and pain. Traumeel works to restore that balance and keeps inflammation at a beneficial level by targeting multiple mediators, reducing pro-inflammatory and increasing anti-inflammatory cytokines. This supports the healing process and tissue regeneration. The unique combination of homeopathic ingredients in Traumeel reduces pain and clears up bruising very quickly. The sooner you apply Traumeel to the injured tissue the faster you are back to normal life.
Traumeel has been scientifically proven.
According to controlled clinical trials, Traumeel can reduce pain and inflammation of different causes and at different sites in the body. For example:
Acute ankle sprain
A recent large scale study has shown that Traumeel ointment is as effective as diclofenac in pain reduction and functional improvement in the treatment of acute ankle sprains, significantly improving ankle mobility and pain.
Acute musculo-skeletal injury
Compared with placebo, Traumeel ointment was significantly more effective in restoring muscle function and reducing pain from musculoskeletal injuries.
Tendon pain
Compared with diclofenac, Traumeel ointment achieved a significantly faster return to normal activities and reduced pain.
Traumeel in pregnancy
In general, medications such as Traumeel that are classified as homeopathics are not known to cause direct or indirect harm to the foetus. However, animal reproduction studies have not been performed and there are no well-controlled studies in pregnant women. In cases of pregnancy or suspected pregnancy, a medical practitioner should be consulted before administering Traumeel.
Traumeel is available as a cream, a gel, or as tablets.
For more information on Traumeel, contact Alex or any of the staff members at Vive.