Alkalizing is really just reverting to the way we once lived. Less acidic food, less acidic beverages, less pollution, less stress… If that really is easy for you, then you don’t need AlkaWay!
There are many ways to rebalance to our natural alkaline pH level
Relaxing, gentle exercise, breathing exercises, alkaline supplements, alkaline diet, and of course alkaline water. At AlkaWay we specialise in tailoring the best solution for you, your lifestyle and your finances. We have researched the world of alkaline support products and present the best of every method right here with the benefit of our decade of experience and feedback.
Why we recommend Alkaline Ionised Water
The Alkaline Water Filter and Ionizer (a.k.a. Kangen water Ionizer) is a major scientific breakthrough in alkalizing, simply because it delivers alkaline minerals and ionized negatively charged antioxidants via the easiest of all methods; water. It is even far ahead of so-called alkaline water filters that add alkaline minerals to your water, because it also removes acidic minerals. It’s a pure alkaline water provider, adding nothing to an already overloaded acid balance.
While only a few thousand users have experienced its benefits in Australia in the last ten years by installing their own AlkaWay system, the water system has been in constant use in Japan and Korea for over twenty five years, to the point where you’ll find water alkalizers alongside toasters and washing machines in every major department store.
Vive Health stocks a number of the Alkaway products including:
alkaStream bench top water filter, alkalizer, purifier and ioniser;
alkaStream undersink kit for the alkaStream water filter;
Alkaway Fill2Pure Water Jug – comes with 2 alkalizing sachets and built in filter;
Alkaway Fill2Pure Sports Drink Bottle (500ml or 800ml) – comes with an alkalizing sachet and built in water filter;
Alkaway Fill2Pure Sports Drink Bottle replacement filters for both 500ml and 800ml bottles.