Alex Beck-Brandl, Naturopath discusses Bach Flower Essences.
The popular “Rescue Remedy”, which can help in an emergency or where shock and pain occur, is certainly the most known flower essence. But this is only one aspect of the system of 38 flower essences, discovered by English Doctor Edward Bach in England in the 1920-30s. As a successful medical doctor (bacteriologist and pathologist) and homeopath, he was disillusioned with the medical profession and how they focused on disease rather than the whole person. His idea was to create a system of remedies to treat all aspects of a person, everyone could easily use, was low cost, had no side effects, and was suitable and safe for adults and children alike. Over the course of many years he developed the Flower Essence system and when he had found 38 remedies, he knew it was complete and nothing needed to be added or changed. Every essence has a balancing effect on a specific emotional aspect of a person. The 38 essences can be combined into nearly 293 million different combinations. Normally a mixture is made from up to 7 essences.
Although Dr Bach wanted to enable people to self-diagnose and treat, it is often very difficult to objectively see one’s own imbalances. It may also be difficult for many people to assume responsibility for a certain condition and to admit to negative thoughts, anger, jealousy, fears, lack of confidence, etc. We are conditioned to believe that we get ill by accident, or through exposure to viruses or bacteria, not through our thoughts. Projecting the problem to something outside of us often seems to be easier. However, based on the holistic belief that our thinking, our emotions, and our thought patterns create and constantly re-create our body, it is only those emotions or negative thought patterns we need to balance, then physical problems, although not directly targeted by the flower essences, disappear. Dr Bach said about his essences: “They… cure by flooding our bodies with the beautiful vibrations of our Higher Nature, in the presence of which disease melts away like snow in the sunshine.”
An experienced holistic practitioner can see the sometimes hidden, underlying emotions which lead to a physical condition and support the healing process by creating a more positive and balanced thinking. Bach Flower Essences are very effective, even if the treated person does not know every aspect of the imbalances which are leading to the condition, however, a practitioner who also acts as a coach, can further enhance the healing effects by bringing the issues into the person’s consciousness.
Treatment is easy and inexpensive. Only 4 drops of the mixture are taken 4 to 6 times daily. How quickly you see an effect depends on how long the imbalance existed. For stress, fear and anxiety, the effect is practically immediate, whereas long standing conditions may need several days, sometimes weeks, until the desired effect is noticeable.
Bach Flowers are often used in addition to herbal medicine, homeopathy and supplements. They work well alongside other medication and do not cause any side effects.
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