As the balanced individuals that we are, many of us will be enthused about cutting a little bit loose over Christmas and New Year’s Day. While moderation is always the key with regards to alcohol consumption, it is not always the case???
Alcohol consumption causes your body to make toxic by-products such as acetaldehyde and malondialdehyde, which results in free radical damage to our cells and makes us feel sick the day after the party. These toxins affect the liver, kidney, gut and nervous system, causing symptoms of nausea, fatigue, tremulousness, and altered co-ordination. Alcohol also depletes nutrients, which can result in deficiency.
Luckily for us, certain nutrients and herbs can reduce toxic effects of alcohol. Antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, and glutathione can neutralize some free radical damage. B complex vitamins have a protective effect on the nervous system. St Mary’s thistle (also known as Milk Thistle) is renowned for its ability to protect the liver against toxin induced free radical damage. Fresh Garlic contains S-allyl-Cysteine, which neutralizes acetaldehyde.
Not to be interpreted as the voice of experience, but here are our best recommendations for avoiding hangovers:

  • Always eat before drinking
  • Try to include a protein food such as fish and a salad that contains garlic
  • Hydrate with water throughout the evening
  • Drink slowly with moderation
  • Supplements before you start drinking as well as the morning after: A broad spectrum antioxidant before you start drinking that is high in vitamin C, E, Selenium, and betacarotene, St Mary’s thistle and B complex (high potency).

So, tuck into garlic prawns and enjoy the season of silliness. And remember, moderation can prevent not only hangovers, but also social faux pas, workplace conflict and surprise pregnancies!