Kelp Noodles

I recently discovered kelp noodles when I was looking for something to spice up my weekly dinners without adding in extra carbohydrates at night time (I was on a weight loss mission!). These super low calorie, mineral dense noodles are a great addition to stir-frys, salads, soups and any dish really as their neutral taste blends effortlessly with a range of different flavours. These noodles are also a great way to add more nutrients into your diet as kelp is not only high in iodine but also calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc. What makes these noodles even more appealing is the minimal effort required for preparation, just let them sit in boiling water for a few minutes and they are done!
To make them go a little further add them to some udon noodles to give a great colour addition in any dish.
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