Alter EcoDark Coconut Toffee Organic ChocolateDark_Coconut_hero_copy
I don’t consider myself a sweet tooth and I very rarely have cravings for chocolate. However, I like to spoil myself with fair trade, organic chocolate on rare occasions and the one that I always choose is Alter Eco’s Dark Coconut Toffee Organic Chocolate. The taste of coconut and butter, enhanced by a pinch of sea salt, dance across my palate and entice me to have more. Self-control is thrown out the door with this chocolate! My subconscious is soothed with the notion that the chocolate is produced in an ethical manner and is supportive of Peruvian cacao farmers. I highly recommend this chocolate for those who like to indulge in artisan crafted foods but want minimal impact on the people and environment that help to produce it.
By Brodie Bannister