The best Carrot Cake, in a box or not.

The best Carrot Cake, in a box or not.

So lovely to talk with you today Jo, I always find the healthy and conscious
people bubbly and outgoing. Thanks for answering my questions about JoJo’s.
topped with coconut yoghurt.

topped with coconut yoghurt.

Have you any tips from customers on how to use the Carrot Cake or any other recipes?
Tip from customers who also loves the carrot cake have “iced” it using a
small amount (approx 2 tablespoons – depending upon your taste) of our
Ecosweet Icing with some plain Coyo Coconut Yoghurt – delicious!! I want
some now just thinking about it!
What following your heart/passion has been able to do for you?
Following my heart/passion has made me release my more fun and creative
side, as I have always loved baking, whilst also helping people along the
way with providing healthy gluten free products, so it’s a win win situation
for the heart!
I have found that some premade Organic sweets are high in sugar, do you find in your range of gluten free that it has to have a high sugar content to be flavoursome?
Any food, including gluten free does not need to be high in refined sugar
content, but when refined sugar is the cheapest option available for
manufacturers and it in turn creates a cheaper product, some customers will
choose products because of cost alone and not think about the detrimental
health factors. Healthy products always cost more, however I know I would
rather look after myself with eating something that is healthy for me as
prevention is better than a cure that’s for sure!
And what/who is inspiring you at the moment?
Reading anything about natural health interests me and currently I am
reading a book called “Why Stomach Acid is Good for You” by Jonathan Wright
and Lane Lendard. I am inspired to learn more about having a healthy gut,
as we can’t exactly see what is going on in there. There are a few great
products on the market to assist with this, so I’m embarking on a healthy
gut discovery!
Part of the discovery of new recipes is in the taste testing.

Part of the discovery of new recipes is in the taste testing.

What is around the corner for JoJo’s?
I have some new products in the pipeline for Jojo’s and you can expect to
see them in the new year… I am so excited about them as I am sure you will
love them as much as I have enjoyed creating them!
Carrot Cupcakes

Carrot Cupcakes

That sounds so tempting, we can’t wait to see the new goodies in the range. JoJo’s Gluten Free is a Brisbane based business and Vive Health is a proud supporter of her range of goodness..