ant-beliefWe have found that at this time of year the ants seem to be out in force. A bit of research online discussion boards we came across a plethora tips for a natural remedy for Ants in the home, switch them around till you find the one that works for you.
Cinnamon and Garlic Cloves; place them around where you have seen them enter the home.  They need to be replaced every 2 weeks though.  Some remedies recommend cinnamon in a spray bottle with clove oil also works really well. Also putting the oil on a earbud and swipe it around the window sills and doorways is recommended.
Vinegar; put either white vinegar or Apple Cider Vinegar within a spray bottle. The fungicidal and insecticidal properties of vinegar helps keep them at bay.
Black Pepper: sprinkle it on the ants and then watch where they exit the house and then apply Vinegar there.
Mint; it grows like wildfire so maybe in a pot on the windowsill would be ideal as Ants do not like mint.  It throws off their scent and if you have some planted around the front and back of the house or sprinkle leaves around where you have seen them they scatter.
Borax and Sugar; adding boiling water to borax and sugar makes a sticky paste that the ants eat and take back to their nest. I don’t know if this a good karma remedy but this seemed to be the remedy that removed the ants for good.  It seems that the ants judge your house to have bad food or something?
Equal and Apple Juice; I am putting this there just to show you how bad Equal is, just in case you didn’t know.  Equal is a neurotoxin for ants so they die.
Chalk; this seems to be a tried old remedy where you draw a line of chalk at the front and back door and then also on the window sills.  If you have kids this should be an easy to implement solution.
sprayWe also have in store a Eucalyptus and Orange Spray which is great for cleaning the counters so you are cleaning and deoderising the counters, making the house smell good and get rid of the ants.
Resources; Mother Nature Network  & Small Notebook