I have a massage secret. Or should I say, massage secret weapon? There are lots of different massage techniques that a therapist can use during the course of a treatment – and some of them even have pretty impressive-sounding names (resisted isometric stretching? Neuromuscular techniques? Wow!). We also have a variety of tools that can help us to help our clients – thumb savers, spa treatments such as masks and body scrubs, cupping. One of my personal favourite massage techniques is also one of the lesser-known – the JOYA crystal massage system.
iStock_000013989903XSmallNot to be confused with other forms of crystal massage, the JOYA crystal massage system usesspecial hand holders that allow beautiful semi-precious crystal spheres to freely rotate in the holder when applied to the body in a massage. This rolling sensation creates a totally unique massage experience; I’ve had clients describe it as “awesome”, “amazing” and even “like a running waterfall”.
During the course of a treatment, I use a variety of therapeutic and remedial techniques and my JOYA crystals are incorporated into the massage flow in conjunction with these techniques. Far from being a simple feel-good therapeutic tool, the crystals also allow me to introduce a variety of different pressures and sensations which can be very helpful in remedial treatment for specific muscular issues such as areas of muscle tension or knots. I have successfully used crystals when working in a remedial capacity with clients to relieve specific issues such as tension headaches, muscle recovery after bone fractures and piriformis syndrome.
Some people believe semi-precious crystals have healing properties or energies. However, it’s unnecessary to hold this belief yourself in order to benefit from and enjoy a treatment that incorporates my crystals (I do have an understanding of the JOYA crystal massage system in terms of energetic or metaphysical properties, though, so if you are interested in exploring this then I am happy to discuss this with you). For those who are interested, I currently have the following crystals (with plans to add more in the future):
Clear quartz, amethyst, nephrite, hematite, dumortierite and magnesite.
As therapists, we all find our own little comfort zones and range of techniques and treatments that we most resonate with (for those who have yet to have a treatment with me, I use a lot of flowing Hawaiian-style forearm and elbow work, as well as a yoga-inspired stretches and joint mobilisation). I was first introduced to crystal massage several years ago at a health expo and my first thought was, “wow, look at all those pretty crystals” (granted, not the most massage-centric first thought to have but in my defence, the crystals are very pretty!). JOYA crystal massage was one of the first post-graduate training courses I did after qualifying as a remedial massage therapist and has subsequently become one of my go-to treatment tools.
Semi-precious crystals are not, as it turns out, just for looking pretty. They can also be a massage therapist’s secret weapon against muscle aches and pains – and isn’t that just pretty cool?