Katina Gleeson Master
Unzip the Fat Suit using your mind
Many people I see are confused by their relationship with food. I regularly hear people talk about:
• yo-yo dieting
• using food as a comfort
• searching the pantry or fridge when feeling hurt, angry, bored or lonely
• regularly wishing they hadn’t eaten so much
• feeling obsessed about food or weight
• feeling compelled to finish everything on the plate, even if already full
• feeling ashamed or embarrassed about their body
Your Brain’s Map
Your mind, that part of you that is the thinker, the analyser, the feeler, the doer and the observer, starts being programmed from before you were born. It is programmed with attitudes, beliefs and perceptions that determine your behaviours, your reactions, your emotional intelligence and your ability to deal with life’s challenges effectively. Even the method you use to respond to challenges whether you turn to comfort food, or react with anger or sabotage is programmed.
Your brain holds within it patterns, networks of electrical currents called neural pathways that are programmed to stimulate specific thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions to the world around you. These patterns determine your perceptions and beliefs about what you can and can’t achieve, what your body does or does not look like, how you react and how you live your life.
This network of patterns is often referred to as a map and each of us have our own individual maps.
If the part of you that is the unconscious mind has been programmed with unhelpful maps, and you have developed inappropriate patterns and perceptions about exercise, health, food , emotions and/or your body then your brain has developed deeply embedded networks that cause you to continue unhelpful patterns and behaviours.
If these patterns were set in stone then we would be helpless to change anything about our life or our body.
The good news
There are strategies and solutions you can use to control and rewire the old patterns. Every attitude, habit, emotion or belief that has been unhelpful to your health and the size of your body can be changed.
When you have these strategies and skills you can control and stop unhealthy thoughts, habits, cravings or emotional states easily.
Hypnotherapy is an important and powerful process to rewire neural pathways to change your mind and your body permanently.
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Wilde, M Unzip the Fat Suit, Mind Design Centre 2013