Christmas DecorationsTo help keep Christmas as harmonious and meaningful as possible, we try to have Christmas plans revolve around being as intentional and authentic as possible. This year for my family, Christmas is about celebrating the good that is in our life right now! And to be with those people and situations that actually bring significance and happiness to this special day.  Present opening has always been a symbolic and special ritual in our family. When the father of my children and I separated we committed ourselves to always being together as a family for this special ritual on Christmas morning.   My ex husband, my three sons, my mother and I will be celebrating Christmas by exchanging gifts at a breakfast together.  I feel that it is important to make a conscious decision to live life with awareness and I am grateful that my ex husband and I have managed to put our grudges aside for the sake of our children.
What can you do to make your Christmas day more spirited? Living life from a place of healing is comforting and peaceful. Forget your grudges just for the day, live in the moment, take time to reflect about all the good that has occurred over the year and yes, acknowledge that you are missing someone special and send them ALL your love in the world!  Perhaps this year is the time to change something that doesn’t really align with what you want any more by asking yourself what really is important, and to instil new traditions and ways of doing things… live more intentionally and with spirit!
Merry Christmas everyone!!
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