Many women wear makeup every day. We brush, smear and rub it on our faces, to a large extent unaware of the contents of the products. In many cases, women even find that makeup products promote skin conditions like acne. So, why do we keep doing it? Knowingly driving ourselves into a cycle of “bad skin à cover it up à worse skin à cover it up”?
Surely if we stopped using makeup our skin would be healthier and the need to constantly cover up would be reduced. But for some, makeup is not just a cover-up, but a fashion accessory, a companion even, something worn “for the fun of it”.
Whether we like to add a dash of style to our days, cover up blemishes, or just enjoy the process of playing (for lack of a better word) with makeup, makeup is a daily presence in many of our lives.
Well, we think it’s time to break the cycle. But not by quitting makeup. We think there’s an alternative solution in which wearing makeup and having great skin don’t have to be in conflict with each other.
What’s our suggestion for maintaining beautiful, glowing skin?
Natural makeup, of course!
So, how is natural makeup different to regular makeup?
To start, most natural makeup brands are ethical traders. This means three things:

  • No animal testing
  • Vegan, naturally-derived ingredients
  • Respect for the environment

We stock organic makeup products that are free from:

  • Artificial colours, which irritate skin and can cause acne.
  • Aluminium, which is linked to Alzheimer’s disease
  • Parabens that clog pores
  • Petrochemicals

So, what’s the catch?
Natural makeup products are pricier than their chemical-laden cousins. This is largely due to the costs and processes involved in sourcing natural ingredients and manufacturing according to ethical policies.
However, some makeup products that are considered “normal” (i.e. not marketed as “natural”) in fact contain only natural ingredients. This is true of many mineral powders, bamboo brushes and kohl eyeliners.
The natural makeup products that we stock at Vive Health are formulated with natural organic minerals and nourishing ingredients such as almond oil. We believe that a diet of nourishing organic food and a lifestyle which incorporates natural, chemical-free household products  and makeup can break the cycle of covering up. That’s why we choose makeup that nourishes the skin and encourages natural beauty to flourish, at the same time as adding a dash of style to your day.
For a full list of our natural makeup and self-tanning beauty products, visit our organic makeup page by clicking here.