From Vital Greens to weight loss pills, a trip to the local health food store or chemist will uncover a baffling array of supplements claiming various effects or results. (This one cures joint pain, that one assists weight loss.) Even at Vive Health we sometimes become overwhelmed with the choices out there for dietary supplements.
But as conscientious purveyors of products that promote health and vitality, it’s our job to stock only the best of the best in the health industry. That means it’s our responsibility as health experts to closely examine the effects of supplements in a diet that is already rich in nutrients.
And in true health fanatic fashion, we are among the sceptics who question the motives of multibillion dollar industries that gain from selling products claiming to give instant results (especially for weight loss). We will not stock fad diet supplements or unethical products. But we will stock supplements – such as Vital Greens, which is available in our online store – that promote genuine natural health results. Ethics aside, the question remains:
Are health supplements necessary in a nutrient rich diet?
For us, it’s about choosing the right supplements based on your lifestyle, environment and health conditions, and taking them responsibly.
The kinds of supplements you might need take will depend on your lifestyle and environment. For example, it is common for people in countries with poor sunlight to take vitamin D supplements, or other products rich in vitamin D, such as fish oil. D supplements could also be beneficial to someone who works long hours in an office with little to no natural light, but would be less useful to someone who spends a lot of time outdoors.
Similarly, someone with arthritis can benefit greatly from taking anti-inflammatory fish oils and flaxseed oils, while others (though benefiting from the effects in overall health) might find them unnecessary and too costly for daily consumption.
There are some supplements, though, that promote general health in just about everyone; such as probiotics and prebiotics which increase the number of good gut bacteria in the stomach and colon, and Vital Greens which give a good phyto nutrient boost to people with all kinds of diets.
The important thing to remember about supplements is that they should supplement a nutrient-rich diet that includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and whole foods, not replace it.
So, with our scepticism on our sleeve, we have carefully selected all of our health supplements to do just that: supplement diets rich in whole foods, fruits and vegetables. For information about any of our products, click on the product image in our online store. To buy vital greens online, go to the product page here, and remember to keep eating your whole foods!