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Do you make a conscious effort to buy local organic produce? If you do, you join a growing community of Australians who care about a sustainable local food economy that promotes health and well-being as well as respecting soil and our natural environment.
At Vive Health, we believe in food that nourishes and helps people towards optimal living, which is why we support organic food farmers and health food producers. Research shows that organic food is better for your health and provides higher nutritional value.
Here are the 5 top reasons to buy local organic produce:
Local organic food supports small business
Let’s face it, many Australian organic farms are smaller operations compared with the vast mono-crop conventional farms that provide much of the non-organic food in our supermarkets. Purchasing locally grown organic food is a show of support for smaller businesses and families. Your dollars could be the difference in helping a small farm business keep their doors open.
Local organic food tastes better
Organic farmers use sustainable chemical-free farming so the soil and surrounding environment provides ideal growing conditions for crops to grow healthy and naturally. Australian organic farmers also pick the crops at their peak, process at local facilities and food travels shorter distances. Any food lover, chef, home cook and diner will tell you that organic food tastes better than non-organic food. But don’t just take their word for it. Purchase some organic produce and try it for yourself.
Australian organic food produce
Local organic food is healthier
It’s not rocket science, it’s logic. Locally grown organic food is produced without synthetic chemicals so nutrients remain relatively intact. There is also a shorter time between the organic farm and your plate so fewer nutrients are lost during commute. If food is sprayed with chemicals or imported by plane or ship and sitting in warehouses for days – common sense tells us that this food won’t be as good for you as locally grown organic food. For more information about the health benefits of organic food, you can read more about it in our recent article: The Health Benefits of Organic Food.
Local organic food embraces sustainability
Organic food farmers respect the natural environment and care about providing healthy, chemical-free food to the public. Organic farms conserve fertile soil, protect water sources, treat animals humanely, provide habitat for wildlife, provide safe and fair working conditions for employees and incorporate sustainable practices into their production and processing.
Local organic food supports local economy
When you buy local organic produce whether from a farmers market, at your green grocer or even at our store, you are supporting an Australian organic grower and their family – but the effects are broader. Your dollar also supports our local economy and more importantly, a more sustainable farming future that will help to preserve our environment, respect the landscape and prioritise the health of all Australians.
So now over to you: Do you buy organic produce? Do you purchase from farmers markets or health food stores? If you don’t buy local organic food, what’s stopping you?