We all want to look our best but don’t want to compromise our health in order to do so. Luckily there are an increasing number of beauty brands rising up to the environmental challenge – helping us to look our best, minus the layers of toxic chemicals.
One eco beauty brand in particular that we’re excited to stock at Vive Health is Scout Cosmetics, an Australian family business based in Sydney providing greener beauty options. We talk to CEO and founder Sylvie Hutchings about what makes Scout Cosmetics different from other brands, what her personal beauty routine looks like and why she adores Angelina Jolie.

Sylvie Hutchings founder of ecofriendly beauty brand Scout Cosmetics

Scout Cosmetics founder, Sylvie Hutchings. All images sourced from www.scoutcosmetics.com

Tell us about your business Scout Cosmetics
Sylvie: SCOUT Cosmetics® is an Australian Mineral Makeup, Eco-luxe 5 Free Nail Polish and Organic Antioxidant Skincare brand.
My eco-beauty vision for the brand is fairly simple – to bridge the gap between natural and glamour – for SCOUT Cosmetics to offer a healthier choice of cosmetics for the everyday and when more up to the minute colours are preferred.
You worked as a flight attendant for 16 years with Ansett airlines. How did this experience help in establishing Scout Cosmetics?
Whilst I was working for Ansett it was a requirement that we had to wear makeup. I was concerned about all the chemicals listed in the makeup I was using. At the time I was also studying Natural Therapies part time and it was then that the idea to formulate a Natural makeup was born.
Scout Cosmetics ecofriendly makeupI realized firsthand the challenge to always present very well despite the effect travel demands can have, in particular on the skin. Despite being exposed to beauty brands from around the world , my major challenge was maintaining an impeccable, well groomed appearance during lengthy  travel periods and finding a reliable, safe and effective cosmetics range.
I’ve had a preference for a simple, balanced approach to maintaining a healthy lifestyle since I was quite young, including with the cosmetic products I used. However, I also absolutely loved using high quality, luxurious cosmetics which gave a feeling of glamour and excitement and made me feel special.
My foray into the world of eco-beauty, colour and cosmetics was very much influenced by my mother’s very own holistic German traditions and use of established herbal remedies coupled with a glamorous aunt who would send me the latest fashion trends from Europe together with my very first make up kit. My Italian grandmother also used to make soaps and body scrubs using available farm ingredients including lavender, olive oil, jasmine and bergamot.
There are increasing concerns about the use of synthetic chemicals in beauty products such as formaldehyde and parabens which have links to cancers. How is Scout Cosmetics different to other beauty brands?
SCOUT Cosmetics stands out from competitors because of 6 main factors:

  1. Performance

SCOUT products work brilliantly and offer make-up and skincare that will enhance an individual’s natural beauty, be safe to use and not compromise on performance, colour, effectiveness and luxury. This is why we offer a money back guarantee and say ‘to use SCOUT is to love SCOUT’.

  1. Natural ‘eco-beauty’ Credentials

SCOUT has a genuine commitment to providing a healthier choice of cosmetics that perform – not all brands are comparable because of their ingredients. SCOUT Cosmetics only include ingredients that a necessary to create an effective product and we use only the highest quality certified organic and natural ingredients. For example, in our mineral makeup, we do not use any cheap fillers such as talc, kaolin clay and bismuth oxychloride or pore clogging silicones.

  1. Colour Range

SCOUT offers consumers a wider range of colours compared to competitors in the natural cosmetics space (refer colour charts and refer line sheet)
Scout Cosmetics ecofriendly lipstick

  1. Exclusivity

Not only is SCOUT Australian formulated, manufactured and owned, it is exclusively focused on its three product ranges and one brand.

  1. Price

SCOUT products are offered at a great mid-range price point for organic, truly natural and high quality products.

  1. Transparency

As the boundaries between medical science, cosmetic science and natural approaches become increasingly evidence based and blurred; it is important for consumers to know what a product contains and look behind marketing claims. All of our ingredients are clearly stated on our website too as we have nothing to hide. When choosing makeup, we recommend that you always read the label whether the product is a traditional, natural / organic cosmetic or beauty product
I love the ability to achieve the same results with a cosmetic product that does not have potentially harmful or unnecessary ingredients.
Our products do not contain formaldehyde, talc, mineral oils and parabens are all linked to different types of cancer and clearly more research needs to be done here.
Most mineral products are formulated without chemicals readily available in mainstream makeup such as bismuth oxychloride, formaldehyde, parabens, talc, mineral oils, FD & C dyes and are free from synthetic preservatives and fragrances.
Australian Eco Beauty Brand Scout Cosmetics
What are your tips for women looking to make the switch to eco-friendly beauty products but don’t know where to begin?

  1. Go through your cosmetic bag and throw out any old or out of date makeup.
  1. Then start by replacing those items with eco-friendly beauty products.
  1. Give all your brushes a wash with some shampoo (don’t immerse the whole brush).
  1. Your Organic food and Health clinic staff are trained in the beauty products they stock so they can help you with any questions.
  1. SCOUT Cosmetics hosts – Mini Makeup stations so book in for a personal consult with one of our staff (or pop into the Vive Health store)

Describe your personal beauty routine.
My household is a little crazy in the morning with everyone getting ready to go about their day so my routine is streamlined and quick.
SCOUT Cosmetics skincare has been designed to ‘multi-task’ – so many products do two things. I never compromise on a thorough cleansing, tone/treat and lashings of moisturiser.
My makeup can be applied in 5 mins and is a routine I have honed since my flying days.
I usually have my Kabuki brush loaded up with powder the night before so applying my foundation is quick and easy.
The woman who inspires you most is…
I really admire and respect Angelina Jolie. I like the way she was a wayward young adult and has transformed herself into a true trailblazer, honourable and brave woman.
You can find learn more about Sylvie’s story at www.scoutcosmetics.com

Scout Cosmetics Australian ecofriendly beauty

Photo credit: Scout Cosmetics

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