Finding it a challenge to feed picky eaters? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are countless parents facing this same conundrum, scratching their heads trying to figure out how to circumvent this issue without the tantrum and tears.
To help you, we’ve put together 7 healthy recipe ideas so you can outsmart your fussy eater and avoid a drawn out battle at the dining table:
Burrito Wraps
If you let your kids be a part of the food prep and let them create their own meals, you’ll be surprised at just how much they’re willing to eat it. Burrito wraps are perfect for this as it allows your kids to be involved in their own food creation. Choose healthy wraps such as these gluten-free Paleo Wraps, chop some free range chicken, organic tomatoes, shredded lettuce, smashed avocado and other colourful ingredients and let your kids put it together. Don’t worry about the mess. The focus is not the mess but on the positive food experience.
Kids enjoy playing with their food and being able to create their own meals. There is probably no easier meal for kids to get their hands dirty with (so to speak) than pizza. What kid doesn’t like making their own pizza? If you provide healthy fresh ingredients and a gluten free raw pizza base, you’re encouraging them to let their imagination run wild and eat healthy at the same time.

Making pizzas

Photo credit: Living Pretty

Bite-sized Muffins
Just like pizza, if you get your kids to be a part of the preparation, you’ve got them hooked. Not only that but muffins are easy to eat and they won’t feel so overwhelmed at the task of eating one as they are portion controlled. So whether you add fruits, nuts, cheese and veggies such as broccoli or spinach your kids will happily munch away without realising what’s in it!
Sweet Potato Chips
Kids love potato chips so why not serve them the healthier option and choose sweet potatoes that have higher nutritional value to the normal spuds. Serve with a yoghurt dip or avocado dip to increase health benefits.
Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet Potato Fries. Photo credit: Taste Inspired

Sweet Potato + Broccoli Mash
Put a spin on mashed potato and try sweet potato and broccoli instead. Your kids won’t know the difference, it’ll be just as tasty but substantially healthier!
Food Sticks
We’ve already established that playfulness and positive food experience is the key to getting your youngsters interested in trying new foods. One thing that works well is serving food in creative ways. Food sticks is one your kids will love. You can add roasted veggies or for dessert with a twist, pile on the fresh fruit. Whatever you decide, your kids are guaranteed to be intrigued and be willing to try whatever food is on that stick – because it looks too fun not to!
Fried Rice
This is a meal that your kids will love and it’s quick and easy to make too. Choose brown rice and gluten free soy sauce like Chang’s Gluten Free Kecap Manis Soy Sauce and your favourite veggies. You can also add egg and meat for a more complete meal.
So the next time you’re facing the fussy kid eating challenge, why not give some of these recipe ideas a go and report back to us on how it all went. Or if you have managed to cure a picky eater, why not share your experience and tips by leaving a comment below?
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