Physically active individuals, athletes and body builders are renowned for consuming protein powders, shakes and supplements but many don’t realise they may be exposing themselves to more harm than good.
Research shows that many popular protein powders contain toxic heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium and mercury. Getting fit shouldn’t come at the cost of your health. Luckily there are a number of brands that understand this and are offering healthier alternatives: protein powders, shakes and supplements that are just as effective minus the nasties.
Here are our picks for protein powders that will help you stay lean and build muscle the natural way:
Balance 100% Whey Natural Flavoured Protein Powder
Whey is fast becoming a staple supplement in the fitness crowd as its derived from cow’s milk (specifically the liquid byproduct of cheese production) and allows you to build and maintain muscle. It also boasts the highest level of the amino acid leucine. Balance 100% Whey Protein Powder is one of our favourites as it is all natural containing no artificial sweeteners, flavours or preservatives and is gluten-free. It comes in natural flavours of vanilla and chocolate or you buy the unflavoured version.
Amazonia Raw Protein Isolate 500g-1kg
Amazonia Raw protein
This is one of our biggest sellers and its easy to see why: it tastes delicious and is also the world’s first prebiotic with live digestive enzymes that promotes optimum gut health. This raw protein contains over 80% organic sprouted bio-fermented protein (broken down by natural enzymes and not chemical solvents) and complete amino-acid complex. It also contains no whey whatsoever so is a great dairy-free option and perfect for vegans. It is also wheat-free, nut-free, non GMO and certified organic.
Horley’s Sculpt Protein Powder
Horley's Scupt Range
This protein powder is specially formulated for women who need help in weight loss and managing cravings. It is a product that simultaneously helps manage appetite and boosts metabolism. This powder is designed to fit into with a proper eating plan and not intended to be a ‘diet shake.’ For more information click here.
Changing Habits All Natural Inca Inchi Protein Powder
Changing Habits Inca Inchi Protein Powder
This protein powder is derived from the Inca Inchi nut, a superfood that is rich in essential and non-essential amino acids, essential fatty acids like Omega-3 and Omega-6 and high in antioxidants. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians, but if you have nut allergies, tread lightly and seek advice from a qualified nutritionist.
Growing Naturals Organic Rice Protein Isolate Powder
Growing Naturals Rice Protein Isolate
At 24 grams of protein per serve, this rice protein powder has six times more protein than fifteen almonds and three times more protein than an egg. Jam-packed with amino acids including the ones that can’t be synthesised in the body, this protein powder is perfect for building muscle, body tissue and the immune system. A wonderful whey protein alternative, Growing Natural Organic Rice Protein Isolate Powder is perfect for vegans and people with allergies. Organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, this protein powder comes in three different flavours: original, vanilla and chocolate.
Made in Hemp Organic 50% Hemp Protein Powder
Made in Hemp protein powder
Despite all the controversy surrounding hemp, this protein powder is gaining popularity with people seeking natural alternatives. Hemp contains all the 21 known amino acids including the 9 amino acids the body can’t produce itself. This particular protein powder is derived from 100% Canadian hulled raw hemp seed that is refined to be 50% protein by weight and is dairy-free, gluten-free, no-GMO and contains no sweeteners.Two tablespoons of hemp protein can provide up to 15 grams of protein.
When considering whether to use protein powders, shakes or supplements many things should be considered such as your training load, fitness goals, lifestyle commitments, eating habits and meal plans. If you’re unsure which protein powder to choose and need further advice, contact us on 07 3399 1002.