Often times, women looking to get pregnant or undergoing IVF, seek the help and advice of an acupuncturist. Chinese medicine and acupuncture have been used for hundreds of years to treat infertility. Often times, patients will come in for treatment once a week but this is usually not enough to keep the body’s momentum going. A good way to supplement acupuncture would be to use do self acupressure.
Using hands rather than needles at points to promote the blood circulation and unblock the channels of the body. These points each have a close relationship to reproductive system of a woman’s body according to Chinese medicine. You can knead these points using to tip of your fingers at these points until a sore achy sensation is felt. It is best to do this twice a day for eight to ten minutes:

Kidney 1 (yong quan)

acupressure for fertility
Kidney 1 otherwise known as “bubbling spring” is located on the sole of your foot. To find it, cup your foot in your hands, with the sole facing you. Now mentally divide your foot into three parts. If your heel is the first part and your toes are the third, the second part is the section that lies right behind the metatarsal joint. It’s basically the center of your sole. Place your thumb—the right thumb if you are right-handed, the left if you are left-handed—squarely on this spot. Place your second thumb next to the first and press down hard, wrapping your other fingers around your foot to get some leverage for applying pressure. Stimulating it helps awaken your body systems and slow down the aging process. It also helps to improve your circulation, particularly blood flow to your pelvic cavity, which in turn can help your egg quality.[1]

Spleen 6 (san yin jiao)

acupressure for fertility
Sp6 or “three yin crossing” is one of the most frequently used points for women’s health. It is the crossing point of the kidney, liver, and spleen meridians, which are vital in organs in Chinese Medicine. This powerful point stimulates your female energy and strengthens your reproductive organs.[2]  Using the inside of your ankle bone as a starting point, lay your four fingers horizontally across your ankle area. It is the area four finger breadths just off your shin bone.

Large intestine 4 (he gu)

Li4 “joining valley” Is located at the middle junction of your index finger and thumb. This point is good for the immune system and for health in general. Located on the yang ming Large Intestine channel, it is used as a key point circulate blood and vital energy and one of the most commonly used points in acupuncture.  It’s a source of pain relief, including pelvic pain, menstrual cramps, and headache. It’s also good for adjusting your nervous system and for bringing circulation throughout your entire body.[3]
You can also check out this youtube video for more accurate description:
*Please do not use these points if you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant. If and when in doubt please consult your practitioner if you have any questions or feel free to send an email to: Wongguohua@gmail.com
[1] [2] [3] Ni, D., & Herko, D. (2008). The tao of fertility: A healing Chinese medicine program to prepare body, mind, and spirit for new life. New York: Collins.