What makes Lomi Lomi massage stand out from other forms of massage is that it is a heart-centred form of massage. Lomi Lomi in its traditional pure form is a modality of healing rooted in unconditional love. The body is treated with the utmost respect, as a temple, and the massage is deeply nurturing for the body and soul. Lomi Lomi is very rhythmic and hypnotic restoring the body to its natural rhythm and state of being. It feels like the waves of the ocean flowing over the body, breaking through energetic blocks and cleansing the body’s energy fields. The practitioner must literally have a heart to heal, becoming a vessel for the energy of divine unconditional love and healing to flow through the hands. The client must also be open to allowing the healing to take place.
manualita`_bianco-neroLomi Lomi is a remedial style of massage that treats the muscular, lymphatic, circulatory, nervous, digestive and respiratory systems. An energy form of massage, it balances the body’s energy systems but perhaps most importantly of all to experience a Lomi Lomi, is a heart opening experience. Lomi Lomi connects us with that part of ourselves which is the true source of our intelligence, our hearts. Studies from the HeartMath institute have revealed the crucial link between our hearts and brains. Incredibly the heart is the strongest source of bioelectricity in our body – 40 to 60 times more powerful than our brain! Emotions, thoughts and experiences not only affect our body but when we experience emotional distress and hurt we literally “take things to heart.” Life experiences, stress, overwhelm, pain and grief can all cause us to shut down or lose touch with our hearts in an effort to protect ourselves. However in doing this we lose our connection to who we are at our core and to this vital seat of intelligence.
It is deeply satisfying as a practitioner to see clients reconnect to their hearts on the table. I am amazed at the varied experiences people have. All report feeling a greater sense of calm and a slowing down of the mind. Many experience a sense of love and bliss following the massage and describe feeling lighter and freer. Feeling cleansed, energized, rejuvenated or having a greater sense of clarity & enhanced intuition are also some of the ways clients have described their experiences. As a poet perhaps the best way for me to describe Lomi Lomi, is from my heart. In Lomi Lomi I found another form to express my heArt. “Energy in Motion” is my poetic expression of the beautiful healing art that is Lomi Lomi massage.
Caroline's heart

Energy in Motion

The table an altar

The heart it’s shrine

In this sacred space

Of unconditional love

Reconnect with the divine


Flowing strokes

Like waves of the ocean

Moving over the body

Restoring natural rhythm

Energy in motion


Lulled through touch

The mind now set free

A place of stillness

Nurtured and cocooned

Allowed just TO BE!


Copyright by Caroline Sanderson