Sometimes it can be a little daunting for both parents and children either returning to school or starting school for the very first time. Emotions can be intense and at times fear can run high in our emotional centre which impacts the way we behave and our thinking capacity.
When we experience different forms of stress it impacts how our body functions. Stress can impact our behaviour, our emotional thoughts, our bio-chemistry, our ability to think clearly and all facets of what makes us who we are.
Kinesiology is a great modality to aid people to release unwanted emotions and allow calmness to enter, allowing for balance and harmony. Clarity comes through being in the moment and calmness.
To help kick off the New Year with a smooth back to school transition, Jo Smith is offering Advanced Kinesiology Session (Child) $110 for 60 Mins, save $25 for appointments held in January & February 2016
It is for a limited time, Book Now by clicking here or call Jo on 0400232565.