We often get customers coming in to our store looking for advice on how to lose weight.
At Vive Health, we don’t really believe in ‘diets’. We firmly believe that losing weight is a byproduct of living a healthy lifestyle.
This means avoiding too much sugar, enjoying a balanced organic whole food diet with high intake of leafy greens, getting plenty of exercise and managing stress.
As it’s winter, the time where we gain more belly fat, try eating these foods to help maintain the waist line:
Almonds – High in protein and dietary fibre which helps keep you full for longer and reduces cravings. Almonds contains ‘good fats’ and can be eaten by the handful as a snack or whizzed up and included in a healthy green smoothie.
Leafy green vegetables – Low in fat, high in dietary fibre. Your daily food intake should include a healthy selection of dark leafy greens such as kale, spinach, Romaine lettuce, Swiss chard and collard greens. They are an excellent source of fibre, folate, contains vitamins C and K and iron and calcium. Research shows a diet that is predominantly plant-based that includes leafy green veggies is one of the healthiest.
spinach green leafy vegetables
Turkey or chicken breast – Organic lean meats such as turkey and chicken breast are high in protein, low in fat and calories than other type of meat products and helps build muscle. A favourite of body builders and fitness fanatics.
Berries – high in antioxidants, berries – particularly blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and goji berries – are a great source of fibre, vitamin C, K and magnesium. Berries help to detoxify the body and preserve the immune system.
Coconut oil – contains medium-chain saturated fatty acid that don’t oxidise at high temperatures making it a healthier option for cooking. Coconut oil boosts metabolism, supports immunity, and helps ease digestion.
Fish (such as salmon, tuna and mackerel) – Fish is loaded with proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A and B12. Eating fish keeps you energised, improves levels of leptin, a hormone released from fat cells that regulate appetite and body fat levels.
Grapefruit – This fruit is a super weight loss food. Grapefruit is a good source of vitamin C and actually lowers insulin levels that helps regulates blood sugar levels and metabolism and curbs appetite. The white fleshy membranes is made of a soluble fibre content which also helps with detoxification.
Green tea – A herbal beverage, green tea helps refresh both the mind and body, improves brain function, stimulates circulation and makes for a wonderful detox drink.
Spices like chilli, peppers and cinnamon – Chilli and hot peppers like jalapenos contain capsaicin that helps regulate appetite which helps with weight loss. The spice, cinnamon, regulates blood glucose levels which help increase body energy and decreases cravings.
Whole grains such as quinoa (which is actually a seed) and brown rice: An ideal source of B vitamins, iron, magnesium, phosphorous and particularly fibre, these grains are beneficial in regulating the bowel, hunger and metabolism. They help decrease cholesterol levels and blood pressure.
Beans and legumes – An excellent source of protein, controls blood sugar and keeps you energetic by stimulating the digestive system.
This is by no means an exhaustive list but if you start with these healthy foods, you’ll find it easier to maintain your weight – perhaps even lose weight – during winter.

Now that we’ve discussed healthy eating, let’s address exercise.

It seems natural in winter to stay indoors away from the cold weather and hibernate. But this doesn’t help our waist lines.
maintain waistline and health in winter
“My belief is that we put weight on not only because we eat more in winter but because we just don’t move or exercise as much. It’s dark and cold so it makes sense,” says Matt Steinacher, qualified naturopath and co-founder of Vive Health. “But by keeping up a few fitness sessions per week and especially on the weekends when the weather is better and you have more free time, it really makes a difference to your overall health and well-being.”
So if you’re seeking a more tailored solution to healthy weight-loss, give us a call on 07 3399 1002 and one of our experienced nutritionists can help create the right eating plan for you.