Plunging into the world of Energy Centres; our main Chakras

By Jo Smith | Kinesiology and Reiki Practitioner & Instructor

Is Your Throat Chakra Balanced?


Express Yourself – Speak Your Truth

We have journeyed through the Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus and the unconditional love of the Heart Chakra to now find ourselves at the very self-expressive Throat Chakra.
The Throat Chakra is how we express ourselves and how we interpret what we hear and how or if we actually listen.  It is our self-expression of who we are and how we communicate to the world, our creative manifestation of our true self. Our communication abilities are directly impacted by the state of our Throat Chakra.
The Throat Chakra is located in the Throat area and is associated with the Thyroid, throat and ears.  Sky blue is the colour for the Throat Chakra. Picture6
A balanced Throat Chakra presents clarity, thoughtfulness and the ability to speak truthfully in an appropriate way whilst being able to effectively listen.  If your Throat Chakra is balanced you will be able to communicate without effort.  Your communication will be filled with creative flare, good advice and helpful in nature.  You will have clarity about your desires in life and have no issues speaking about them with truth.  You will speak your mind in a balanced way with respect and harmony.
If your Throat Chakra is not balanced then you may be more inclined to yell, be critical of others, not respect others, be verbally abusive, experience a lack of creativity and not be able to listen effectively, or simply not hear.   You may also be opinionated and not be able to respect another’s ideas or point of view and you may feel there could be no other way of doing something other than your own way.


Qualities of the Throat Chakra

  • Location is the Throat

  • The Sense is Hearing

  • The Element is Ether

  • Thyroid is the endocrine gland

  • Key words are expression and the source of truth, courage and clear communication


Sometimes when our Chakras are out of balance it can be difficult to see this is the case.  I invite you to reflect honestly on your chakras and see if they really are balanced or not.

Reflect on the following to see if your Throat Chakra is balanced:

  •  Do you speak your truth
  • Can you express yourself with ease and confidence?
  • Do you listen?
  • Do you communicate clearly?
  • Do you use an appropriate tone?


Options to help support chakras at home

To support your Throat Chakra try wearing the colour blue in clothing or crystals.  Singing is also a great way to support your Throat Chakra, so don’t be shy, sing your favourite upbeat, feel good song.
Affirmation are a great tool to help bring mindfulness to our daily routine, below are some affirmations for the Throat Chakra for you to enjoy.  Say the affirmation whilst focusing on the Throat Chakra.

Throat Chakra Affirmations by Jo

 I allow myself to speak my truth with integrity and love
I communicate my thoughts with ease
I allow myself to hear and speak the truth
If you would like further support to help balance and heal, then Kinesiology and Reiki can aid in the repair and balancing of energy systems.
I look forward to working with you as we journey through your energy centres and help to bring balance and harmony back to your being.
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