By Jo Smith
Kinesiology and Reiki Practitioner & Instructor


The Divine Connection

 Connect to Your Higher Self – The Real You

During this series of sharing and exploring the wonders of the Seven Main Chakras it has provided an opportunity to reflect upon the state of your own chakras.  Giving you further insight into your being and getting to know different ways of supporting your Chakra system.
The first chakra we delved into was the Base Chakra providing a grounding platform to weave our way through each of the Seven Main Chakras, and now to complete the series we are entering the Crown Chakra; the connection to yourself at a deep level and the divine.
Each chakra has the symbol of the lotus flower with each having a different number of petals.  The Crown Chakra sitting at the top or crown of the head has one thousand petals – truly amazing in so many ways.  The symbol of the lotus flower is used in Hindu and Buddhist traditions as the lotus flower blooms regardless of the many challenging facets it may face.  One thousand petals in a beautiful glowing white or deep royal purple is a beautiful pure and protective cap for the Crown Chakra.  Imagine 1000 petals sitting at the crown of your head filled with divine love and endless opportunities…
All of the main chakras are integrated with each other and they all eventually lead to the Crown Chakra.  Starting at the Base Chakra and moving through each Chakra to aid in balancing your chakra system as a whole.  Reflect upon situations and experiences and how you reacted was it in a balanced way?  If not, then perhaps some support for you chakra system is needed.
After the Base Chakra we explored the Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Brow and now the Crown Chakra; Seven wonderful flowing wheels of energy impacting our many physical, emotional and energetic systems.
Picture3The Crown Chakra links to the Pineal Gland, Cerebral Cortex, Hormones, Sleep, Circadian rhythms, Consciousness and it is the seat of being pure in our intentions and service via the connection with the divine.  Demonstration of selflessness, divinity within, higher consciousness and divine wisdom are the Crown Chakra virtues.
Balanced traits of the Crown Chakra include feeling a sense of connectedness, a willingness to serve for the greater good without ego.  When the Crown chakra is balanced, it provides a person with a sense of enlightenment, spirituality, the ability to experience and allow joy, serenity, peace and good health. It is knowing yourself at a deep level and allowing the flow of serenity.

Do any of these imbalanced Crown Chakra characteristics resonate with you?


  • Issues or concerns with belief systems?
  • Confusion?
  • Learning difficulties?
  • Not able to easily manifest?
  • Materialistic?
  • Sleep Issues?
  • Hormonal issues?
  • Feelings of “I have no choice”?
  • Compulsive use of prayer or meditation?
  • Feeling disconnected?


Qualities of the Crown Chakra

  • Location is the top of the head
  • There is no associated element or sense to the Crown Chakra as it is all encompassing
  • It is the connection to the divine
  • The key attributes of the Crown Chakra; divinity, oneness, a very high state of consciousness. Balanced approach to spiritual connection, belief systems, wisdom and awareness.

To support your Crown Chakra you may be drawn to wear clothing or crystals in the colours of royal purple or white; Diamonds, Amethyst and Clear Quartz are beneficial for the Crown Chakra too.
Frankincense is a great cleanser if you are looking for an essential oil or incense to aid your Crown Chakra otherwise a more subtle supportive scent is lavender.
Crown Chakra affirmations can aid in mindfulness and help to support the chakra.  When using affirmations, feel what you are saying, trust it and believe in it and you may just be amazed.
Say the affirmation whilst focusing on the Crown Chakra with a positive attitude filled with love.

Crown Chakra Affirmations by Jo

I am filled with light and divine love
I am blessed with infinite peace
I choose to trust myself
I am Light, Love and Joy
If you would like further support to heal and balance your energy systems then Kinesiology or Reiki or both are available to aid in your wellbeing.  I look forward to working with you as we journey through your energy centres and help to bring balance and harmony back to your being.
May your chakra systems be enlightened and blessed.
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