A little bit about Nourish Collective…

Nourish collective is an independent, locally owned and operated business based in Cooroy, Sunshine Coast. We are striving to provide you with a high quality, freshly made range of nourishing  products. We believe food should be grown, made and eaten, and not sitting on a shelf or in a fridge for weeks or months at a time. Here on the Sunshine Coast we have an abundance of local produce and we source our ingredients locally where possible with ethical growing practices in mind. Our shelf life is short, but we produce weekly, so you know that the product you are buying is as fresh as if you made it yourself.
Food is perishable, without adding a concoction of ingredients to extend the shelf life it will deteriorate. We at Nourish collective want our food to be eaten, we only use natural preservatives such as olive oil, salt, lemon juice and vinegar. So the best defence against our food “going off” is to eat it as soon as possible. We make weekly, we deliver weekly, we want you to eat weekly…….
Our range of dips are versatile and can be used in many ways: tuck into some with  a packet of crackers, smear them on your favourite roll or wrap with a selection of sandwich fillings, add a dollop to a soup at the end of cooking, or toss over your favourite pasta or gnocchi, Below I have included a recipe which is a staple of mine, it is quick and easy to whip up and very delicious for a Sunday lunch. Enjoy x


Potato and Smoked Salmon Frittata


What you’ll need…

– 2 med Potatoes, peeled, boiled until just tender and sliced
– 2 tblsp Caramelised onion, make your own or buy a good quality one
– 50g Smoked salmon, cut into strips
– 100g Feta

– 12 Eggs
– ¼  cup Cream
– Dollop of pesto (spinach mint and pistachio)
– Salt & Pepper

What to do…

Preheat oven to 160c
Grease a medium sized round quiche tin ( I use a medium sized stainless frypan which has a steel handle, can be used on top of stove then placed in the oven to finish)
Whisk eggs and cream together and season with salt and pepper, set aside
Place sliced potato evenly in oiled pan, top with caramelised onion, smoked salmon and feta
Pour over seasoned egg mix, add in generous dollops of pesto ( I especially like my spinach, mint and pistachio one with this recipe) and place in oven for 40 min, or until firm all over.
Serve with fresh green salad and crusty bread. Enjoy x