It is known that “speaking the truth will set you free”.  The importance of speaking one’s truth is key to being free; however it is also important to say it with love and good intentions.
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Over the many years of seeing Clients and teaching Kinesiology and Reiki Students, I have witnessed how some people struggle to speak their truth in the beginning of their journey.

Finding one’s voice is very powerful.

Have you ever experienced a moment where you just couldn’t bring yourself to say what you really wanted to say?  It might be that you really just don’t like pumpkin, yet you still continue to eat it so you don’t offend the cook or perhaps something on a deeper level.
Often when people don’t speak their truth it is also about how they feel about themselves and not wanting to ‘rock the boat’.  You may feel you want to chat with someone about it, but fear comes into the picture and prevents this.  You may be fearful of potentially feeling judged or making others feel uncomfortable for example.
The concern with not saying anything is it can become like a form of congestion.  It’s potentially impacting your wellbeing as it is unresolved. Without the appropriate level of communication about a situation, event or feeling, it can at times be perceived to be so much more than what it is in reality.
This can lead to all kinds of feelings and emotions that can be blocking you in some form.  At times, not saying anything seems to be the only solution.  However by not expressing what you need to say may be causing you to feel uncomfortable in your own being. Maybe you really just cannot get the words out, and that can happen in times of stress.
When releasing words that have been stuck for some time it is a good practice to always centre yourself, and feel love throughout your body, then speak your truth.  This provides a more loving space for the words to be shared.
Holding on to old hurts or unspoken words can cause such grief and unwanted emotions that aren’t helpful in being the best version of you.
There is a real sense of freedom to be able to speak your truth and really set yourself free from the unnecessary untold truths that have been possibly holding you back.  Being able to express your truth and communicate effectively in a loving and honest way is supporting your own healing and wellbeing.  You are worthy of sharing your thoughts, feelings and experiences.

Take a moment, breathe, and know you want to be free of this unspoken burden.  Make the commitment to kindly and lovingly speak your truth, unburden yourself and allow freedom to flow. 

Below are some techniques that may help you to be able to say what you need to share. Remember to always say your truth from a loving space filled with good intentions.
Perhaps writing it down is a good start for you, and then you have the options of; visually letting it go, saying it aloud (best option in most cases) or perhaps shredding it, these are just a few examples.
Maybe it is the best option for you to say it out loud. It may be enough for you to say it to yourself or even in front of a mirror, or with a friend, therapist or there are many services available including via the phone, for example beyond blue/life line if it’s appropriate.
The technique for you is absolutely up to you, and what you feel you need to do to release perceived burdens of the unspoken words that are preventing you from being the best you can be.
Holding your forehead for a few minutes will also help to relieve stress and help you to be able to think clearer.

The main item to remember is that it is time to let go of the unspoken perceived burdens.  To be free, to be the best version of you possible!  May you continue to be grateful, true to yourself, speak your truth and experience freedom from a loving and gentle space. 

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Blessings for a great Holiday Season 
Joanne Smith | Kinesiology Practitioner & Reiki Master