Nicki McCosker-Dell (our resident Counsellor) is holding the Stress Less Workshop
Bulimba Library (Meeting Room 1),
Saturday April 29th, 2017
9 am to 11 am
Cost $20
When we are stressed we need simple strategies on hand to help us cope, to help us to return to a state of calm, and to prevent our stress being exacerbated. The simpler the better in fact, because our ‘thinking brain’ is not working at its best, if at all! ​
 Balance (320x320)
The Stress Less Workshop will give you a number of these strategies, along with;

  • an understanding of how your perception of managing stress will positively (or negatively) affect your ability to respond to life flexibly
  • ​the neuroscience of stress, and the ins and outs of how our wiring and modern world makes us humans susceptible to stress
  • time and space (in a safe, supported environment) to do some self-reflection and analyse where you might need to create more balance (and decrease stress) in your life
  • an introduction to three empowering techniques that can significantly assist you in relieving the symptoms of stress
  • practical tips for how you can start changing ‘negative’ habits that increase stress (including thinking styles that create unknown stress for the body, mind and soul)
  • a handy Stress Less ‘Tool Kit’ to keep at hand and put into place when you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, or want to consciously prevent stress
  • strategies for managing and calming anxiety
  • morning tea and connection with like-minded people

Come and join Nicki at this interactive, fun and empowering workshop.  You can’t completely avoid stress, but with the right tools and increased awareness you can do so much to manage it, decrease it, and even at times prevent it.
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