Medicinal mushrooms have been a key part of complementary medicine for many years, with usage dating back to ancient China. They have wide-spread & potent activity in the body, assisting the body in many ways including modulating immune function, reducing inflammation & supporting brain function.
Thankfully modern research is catching up with traditional knowledge & can finally explain how these incredible organisms work within the body & prove just how powerful they can be.

Lion’s Mane

Lion’s mane is dubbed the brain mushroom and for seriously good reason!

The medicinal use of Lion’s mane dates back to ancient China where it was used as a general restorative herb. Now a day’s modern research has caught up & the list of benefits continues to expand.
Lion’s mane has been suggested to possess potent nootropic & neuroprotective qualities with its ability:

  • enhance overall cognitive function (including memory & recall)
  • improve production of nerve growth factor (NGF), preventing neuro-degeneration within the brain.

 Reishi Mushroom

Possibly the most well-known of the medicinal mushrooms, referred to as ‘the mushroom of immortality’. Reishi has potent:

  • immune modulating
  • anti-inflammatory
  • anti-tumour
  • hypotensive
  • adaptogenic
  • liver protective qualities

Therefore may be beneficial for a wide variety of conditions including inflammation, frequent & persistent infections, skin disorders, elevated cholesterol, anxiety, depression, chronic stress & autoimmune diseases (just to name a few….it really is a bit of a show-off).


Cordyceps are in fact a type of ascomycetes fungus which grows inside the bodies of other insects, caterpillars to be exact. Cordyceps are suggested to possess:

  • free radical fighting
  • anti-inflammatory
  • blood glucose regulating
  • immune supporting
  • adaptogenic
  • anti-ageing properties

Research also suggests Cordyceps have the capacity to improve physical performance & endurance via improved production of ATP (primary source of energy for the body).


Chaga is probably one of the more powerful immune-modulating & antioxidant of the mushrooms mentioned due to it’s content of beta-glucans, zinc, copper, iron & manganese. Chaga has both the capacity to:

  • down-regulate an overactive immune system, which is seen in auto-immune conditions
  • up-regulate immune function in the event of an acute infection.

Chaga may also be beneficial in managing elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure & therefore be protective against cardiovascular disease.
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