Our world has changed from what we are used to, and with this in mind the key is to remain safe, well and positive. I feel so very blessed that I have the ability to be able to provide Kinesiology and Reiki via distant/remote sessions to be able to continue to support clients. The benefits are the same regardless of if face to face or remote.
I use Zoom / Video / Phone (FaceTime) for the session, including a pre-chat to see how everything is going and what has been happening in your world. We remain connected during the session so there is still the human contact but just over video link or equivalent (set up by me) so this allows for conversation and interaction. Remember, each and every session I do is always about the client I am working with. Typically clients feel relaxed and the experience is similar to a face to face session.
Especially during this time we find ourselves in, I encourage you to remain positive and to find joy in the small things that are sometimes missed.
I’m taking this opportunity to share the Five Reiki Principles with you as I feel they may be of assistance. They are ideally said each day or throughout the day if preferred. Helping to create a positive outlook and therefore may help in leading a happier and healthier life.
Five Reiki Principles, Just for today ….

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