Hello all,
In light of recent COVID-19 government health recommendations all consultations will be online via Zoom till further notice (then they will go back to normal in the clinic).
For your booking, I’ll send you a Zoom link, which you just click on to start the session.
You may already know that I work at a student clinic at University of Queensland, which is in the process of minimising personal contact due to confirmed COVID-19 positive students who have attended in previous weeks. More importantly, I am aware that many of us are currently required to provide physical care for loved ones who are immune suppressed or medically vulnerable. For these loved ones, our vigilance and responsible action is required for their life safety.
Consultations are also available via Skype and by telephone, if you prefer. In this case, please feel free to let me know your preferred platform or phone number and email any blood results or questionnaires in advance. Please let me know if you need help setting any of this up. My Skype name is lindabrown.clinic@gmail.com. Feel free to add me to contacts, or let me know your Skype name and I will add you.
I’m hoping this reaches you well and looking forward to seeing you across the airwaves!
Kindest regards,