Hypnosis, Change & Cars

I want to clarify two things.  I don’t believe cars can be hypnotised and nor do I believe that cars can hypnotise.  Though a common trance phenomenon is highway hypnosis, that experience of a driver realizing they don’t have a conscious memory of driving for the preceding period or distance.

I did recently have an experience that involved my car and reminded me of the way people experience change using hypnosis.
A common question that people will ask me when making enquiries about the appropriateness of hypnosis for addressing a concern they have is “How many sessions will I need?”  My answer to this question is I don’t know as I believe we are all different and one of the aspects in which we are different is in how we experience change and how long it takes.
So back to my car.  As I don’t frequently open my window it was some time after taking it for a service that I realised the driver window would not automatically wind down or up.  When I first realized the problem with the window I tried several times to open and close it and it remained broken.  I called the garage and they seemed to know what the issue was and said for me to come back and they would fix it.  It took me a few weeks to arrange for this and in the meantime I didn’t try to open my window, accepting it was broken.  The most annoying aspect of having a broken window was having to position the car appropriately to open the door to swipe into a car park I use with some regularity.
So I took my car back to the garage to fix the window.  On my arrival, I showed them the problem – except there was no problem – the window had fixed itself and in its own time.
This is how change is often experienced when using hypnosis.  People don’t need to know consciously how to change or what to change or when to change.  Hypnosis engages the unconscious mind, that part that knows more than each of us knows we know.

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