Facial Rejuvenation Therapy (FRT) with Dr. Mun-Yee
FRT with Dr. Mun-Yee is a transformation that goes beyond the surface, addressing both cosmetic skin concerns and underlying health issues that often contribute to premature aging. Her treatment approach is tailored to each client’s specific skin issues, with an overall focus on balancing the body to restore the skin with a renewed, more youthful appearance. Her unique 3-step system is a skillful integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine with modern Western practices to help rejuvenate a person’s appearance without the use of fillers or injections, and the need for downtime.

Dr. Mun-Yee’s 3-step system consists of:

Step 1: Facial and Body Acupuncture
Ultrafine needles made especially for the face are inserted using different techniques on specific areas to relax targeted muscles, stimulate the production of collagen and elastin to achieve a firming effect to the face.

Based on her assessment on the client’s overall health, Dr. Mun-Yee will also perform acupuncture to harmonise the body. In other words, she treats not just the face but the entire body holistically by regulating hormones and addressing both the internal and external signs of ageing to improve health and vitality.

Step 2: Red Light Therapy (RLT)
Red light (620-750nm wavelength) produces very low levels of heat and doesn’t burn or cause damage the skin. Dr. Mun-Yee utilises the precise wavelength of 650nm to penetrate roughly 5mm below the skin’s surface, reaching underlying cells to activate their energy generators (mitochondria). This
increase in cellular activity stimulates blood circulation, promotes new blood vessel growth, accelerates tissue repair and boost collagen and elastin production.

For those with skin conditions like acne or psoriasis, she incorporates blue light wavelength of 420nm into her therapy to help reduce acne and improve skin texture. For cases of skin issues, it is recommended that the client contact our in-house naturopath Melinda Muston (please see Melinda’s details below) for a consultation before they commence anti-ageing FRT with Dr. Mun-Yee.

Step 3: Micro-current Therapy
Finally, Dr. Mun-Yee utilises micro-current therapy on the client’s face and neck. Gentle micro-currents are mild electrical pulses that stimulate cellular energy, accelerate tissue repair, and trigger production of amino acid, the protein building blocks essential for maintaining skin structure. As micro-currents reach facial muscles, they mimic the effect of exercise, stimulating and massaging the
muscles to tone and firm up. Combined with a highly conductive serum to maximise absorption, this facial workout will recharge the skin, improve facial contour and enhance overall skin radiance.

At the heart of Dr. Mun-Yee’s approach is personalisation and age-appropriateness. She understands that skin changes at different stages of life and takes into account your lifestyle and health status to create an optimal treatment plan. By addressing both external appearances and internal well-being,
her holistic therapy ensures that you not only look fantastic but also feel great from within.

Experience the transformative power of Facial Rejuvenation Therapy (FRT) with Dr. Mun-Yee. Unleash your skin’s natural radiance and embrace a more youthful, vibrant you.

To embark on a journey to ageless beauty and well-being make a booking with Dr. Mun-Yee for Facial Rejuvenation Therapy today.

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FRT Initial Consultation & Treatment: *$199/75min
FRT Follow-up/Maintenance Therapy: *$169/60min
6-session Follow-up Package: *$899/60min

*rebates available for clients having private health insurance with extras cover for acupuncture.

Dr. Mun-Yee Chik
Doctor of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncturist